Accept USD Payments For Your Canadian Business

As a Canadian merchant, you're able to open a Visa and MasterCard merchant account in US or Canadian currency. A USD merchant account will provide your Canadian business with the ability to charge your customers in USD and receive the processed funds in a USD bank account from a Canadian financial institution. This eliminates any potential losses due to currency conversion.

At Helcim, we provide three types of merchant accounts:

(A)   Canadian merchant account – Canadian dollar (CAD)

You are a Canadian merchant operating a business in Canada and accepting (mostly) Canadian funds.

(B)   Canadian merchant account – US dollar (USD)

If you are a Canadian merchant and want customers be charged USD, with funds settled to a US dollar bank account in Canada.

(C)   US merchant account – US dollar (USD)

A true US merchant account requires your business to be registered, have a valid address and a valid bank account in the US. All fees for USD accounts (including processing fees and the monthly fee) are levied in USD.

Flag of the United States

Multiple Merchant Accounts

For Canadian merchants who want both a CAD and USD merchant account, we offer secondary merchant accounts at $15/month. Helcim Commerce handles multiple merchant accounts as part of a single Helcim Commerce account. All fees for USD accounts (including processing fees and the monthly fee) are levied in that currency.

Accepting International Payments

Regardless of your merchant account currency, you can accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover payments from customers around the world. These customers will be charged in the currency of your account, with any exchanges determined and billed by the customer’s own credit card bank. Learn more about international credit card processing.

Merchant Services for US Companies

Helcim USA Inc. is a registered merchant account provider and payment processor servicing US merchants. If you are looking for an American merchant account, please visit for more information.