Accept Payments on Your Computer

Easy and Secure Credit Card Processing

MacBook displaying the Helcim Virtual Terminal

Works Everywhere

You can login from any workstation, laptop, tablet, or phone. Using the web-interface, you can easily authorize credit card transactions in real-time. Receipts can be sent via email, or be printed, and your complete transaction history is always available with just a few clicks.

Built-In Merchant Account

All of Helcim's services come with a built-in merchant account, meaning that you can accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Deposits are made directly to your bank account, and you receive low processing rates thanks to our Cost+ pricing.

Recurring Payments

Save time by automating your billing. Our Helcim Commerce platform also comes with a recurring payment and subscription management system. You can create recurring plans, add subscribers, store their payment information and receive notifications when payments take place.

Included With Helcim Commerce

Our Virtual Terminal is just one great feature that's part of our all-in-one Helcim Commerce platform. The Virtual Terminal works as part of the payment ecosystem built into Helcim Commerce. As a merchant, you can choose to use just the Virtual Terminal functionality, or empower your business to do more and discover all the tools available on the platform.