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A Day In The Life of Helcim

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Danny Randell | March 5, 2018

“Welcome to A Day In the Life of Helcim! Jeff and Dafina followed me and the team as we went about our day.”
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    Vlog #4

    Last week we announced that we would be releasing a big feature update for Helcim. We were planning on filming a Weekly Update video, announcing the feature, and outlining how it came to be. Well"¦ after a late-night developer meeting on Tuesday, we decided that we should take an extra week to polish some of the code.

    We Answer to Our Merchants, And No One Else

    Delaying a timeline is never fun, but at Helcim our focus is on you, and we want to make sure you have a great experience with every feature that we release. If that means waiting an extra week, we're going to do just that "“ we'd rather do it well than rush it out. Helcim was bootstrapped, self-funded, and now financially independent. That means that we don't answer to investors, venture capitalists, or the stock market. We answer to our customers and our own drive to deliver the best merchant experience that we can.

    A Day In The Life

    We still wanted to film a weekly update, so we improvised "“ welcome to A Day In the Life of Helcim! Jeff and Dafina followed me and the team as we went about our day. In this episode, you'll get to meet a few more members of the team and see what happens behind the scenes, as we cap off our day with a Startup Grind event downtown.

    Enjoy, and stay tuned next week for our new feature announcement.


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