Why We’re Switching to an Agile Approach to Software Development

Why We’re Switching to an Agile Approach to Software Development

As Helcim takes on larger development projects and tackles ambitious goals for the future, we have had to re-evaluate how the Development Team addresses smaller feature changes for our existing products.

In the past, when a merchant called in with a request for a change or new feature, we would immediately move resources around to tackle the smaller change. We’ve found that reallocating development resources like this can be disruptive to our development sprints and slows down our progress. It also means that new features might not receive all of the care and attention needed to test the change and confirm it delivers the value that was intended before it is rolled out to our merchants.

To improve how we deliver changes to our software, we are going to move away from making changes on a case by case basis and instead approach new features and software improvements using Agile development. This means that as changes, improvements, and new feature requests are submitted to the development team, the requests will be cataloged and reviewed before they are actioned. Agile software development focuses on the iterative development of a product by prioritizing continuous improvement. The submission and prioritization of changes will be driven by feedback from the development team, support team, and, of course, our merchants.

Switching to Agile development means that we will be doing organized releases. Making this change will allow us to consistently deliver a better product for you.

The grouped releases of new features will include:

  • New features
  • Added functionality
  • Improvements suggested by merchants

The grouped releases will not include:

  • Fixes to features that are not working as intended, these will continue to be addressed and actioned as they are submitted

We will also add release notes in our support documentation so you can see what updates and improvements have been made recently.

Our goal with switching to an Agile approach is to ensure that all of the new features we release are well tested, include support documentation, work with the existing software, and add value by making it easier for you to run your business and accept payments.

Your feedback and suggestions have helped us to build our current product offering, and we continue to welcome your feedback and comments. Our new Agile approach to development will allow us to ensure we have the resources needed to implement your suggestions, track which requests and changes are most important to you, and make new feature releases smoother.  

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