Founders Calgary Vol. 4: Marketing and Social Good

Founders Calgary Vol. 4: Marketing and Social Good

For the first Founders event of the new year, our panel of entrepreneurs will be sharing how marketing and social good have played a role in growing their businesses.

If you’ve been wondering if you can make a difference and run a profitable business, then you don’t want to miss out on the next volume of Founders.

We’ve brought together three entrepreneurs that are running three very different businesses but who all share a common drive of having an impact on the communities they operate in. You will get an opportunity to hear from Hannah Cree, Co-founder of CMNGD; Lucy Dunne, Founder of Dunnebells; and Shawn Freeman, Founder and CEO of TWT Group.

You can get tickets to the January event here, we look forward to having you join us at Work Nicer for an evening of frank discussion around how you can run a business while giving back to the community and how marketing can help you tell your business’s story and reach more people. The Founders series includes a panel discussion, an opportunity to ask questions and network with the featured founders, and light snacks.

A huge thank you to The Ace Class for being our event partner in this series and helping us share these entrepreneurial stories with everyone. We hope to see everyone at the event!

Watch Highlights from Previous Events:

Lessons from Founders Vol. 1 Startup Stories

Lessons from Founders Vol. 2 Building an A-Team

Lessons from Founders Vol. 3 Financing Your Business

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