Stampede Fun for a Good Cause

Nic at Calgary stampede party

Vlog #23 

Welcome to July in Calgary, it’s time for the Calgary Stampede. Each July the Calgary Stampede takes over Calgary for a ten-day period where everyone embraces their inner cowboy and gets a little crazy. Not even a massive flood a few years ago was able to deter Calgary from holding the Stampede, it’s something that the city really cares about.

There are definitely people who love Stampede and go every single day, and then there are people who try their best to stay away. After living in Calgary for 21 years, I’m at the point where I find it fun in small amounts, I usually pick a few parties to attend so I can get my dose of Stampede in.

There are the main grounds with rides, crazy food, and entertainment including the actual rodeo with chuckwagon races and of course lots of big corporate events. Our office isn’t located in downtown Calgary, so we are able to avoid a bit of the Stampede craziness, but we did get Helcim cowboy hats for all the team members, so the office can celebrate in style this year.

On the first official day of Stampede, we attended a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, it was a great chance to support a good cause and meet some people while getting into the Stampede spirit. Sean from TWT, a cool local IT company, put on the event to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary and we were happy to come out and support them. The event was a great way for us to give back to a great organization while getting into the Stampede spirit.


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