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Three Lessons in Making Better Vlogs

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Nic Beique | August 27, 2018

“I'm back from vacation, and we have an exciting milestone to share! After over six months of publishing our weekly vlog, we have hit 500 subscribers on YouTube”
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    Vlog #29

    I'm back from vacation, and we have an exciting milestone to share! After over six months of publishing our weekly vlog, we have hit 500 subscribers on YouTube.

    Getting to 500 YouTube subscribers is an exciting milestone for us, we've really enjoyed sharing these vlog updates with everyone each week, and it's great to know that people have been watching and following along. This week I wanted to share some lessons on vlogging that we've learned over the past six months.

    Lesson #1 "“ Audio, audio, audio

    Having great audio is really important to the overall quality of your videos. You can film a vlog on your cell phone if you have clear audio, but if your audio isn't great you end up bringing down the overall quality of your video, even if the visuals are still great. When we first started filming our vlog we were just using the boom, or shotgun mic, which is a camera-mounted microphone. We still use these mics to capture audio from other people in the office (and as a backup if our primary audio fails), but now I use a lapel "“ or lav mic "“ that is completely separate from the camera to record my audio. Once we're done filming the team matches the audio up with the video in our video editing software, and we can be confident that we have great audio every time.

    Lesson #2 "“ Document, don't create

    In our original vlogs, we got carried away with elaborate set pieces and planning everything out in advance, which often meant that filming the vlog turned into a full day affair or more. This wasn't an efficient use of time and we are all busy and working long hours, so it didn't make sense to add to our workload like this. We still want to make the vlog and share our journey, but if it's taking too much time, then it's taking away from why we're here. We have learned that just documenting whatever is happening that day works better for everyone.

    Lesson #3 "“ Keep experimenting

    Now that we're on Vlog #29 we're starting to find our voice, but it's taken a lot of experimentation and the willingness to try new things to get there. There are weeks when we've felt that the vlog was too dry, too pitchy, or just really fun but lacking substance. We film the vlog because we want to share our story and the culture of what it's like to work at Helcim, so we're going to keep experimenting and trying new things as we find our voice.

    We're committed to sharing something new each week, and there are lots of changes coming to Helcim in the next six months that we can't wait to document. A huge thank you to everyone who has subscribed to our channel so far, we really appreciate it! If you're not one of our 500 subscribers yet, we'd love to have you follow along, visit our YouTube channel, and click subscribe so you don't miss an update.

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