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We Scrapped The Vlog On Friday Afternoon

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Nic Beique | June 25, 2018

“We have a problem. It's Friday, it's noon, and we just decided to scrap the vlog.”
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    Vlog #20 (version 2"¦)

    We have a problem. It's Friday, it's noon, and we just decided to scrap the vlog. We had filmed the vlog on Monday, but our idea for the weekly topic didn't come together the way we originally envisioned.

    Knowing When To Pull Back

    Creating new content every week is challenging, we don't always have something super exciting happening. Some weeks we're just focused on getting the work done, and it can be hard to decide what we want to share. What is important to us though is that whatever we decide to share it has to align with our core values and who we are as a company.

    This week that didn't happen, so for the first time ever we decided to scrap the vlog. But with every setback, there is a lesson, and having to start over reaffirmed our commitment making sure we're proud of everything that we release. If we don't feel good about the final product, then it's okay to take a step back or bring in a second opinion.

    Although the vlog went sideways this week, there were lots of positive things going on at the office. Our sales and support team merger went well, Ivan the intern is creating coding magic, and the Development Team and the Guru's will both be adding new team members in the coming weeks.

    This week reminded us that life, and business, won't always go as planned. But if you have a strong team, you'll be able to tackle challenges and get the job done. Including challenges like re-doing the entire vlog on a Friday afternoon.


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