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What It's Like to Work on the Development Team

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Nic Beique | June 11, 2018

“This week we're getting geeky and taking a closer look at the Development Team, commonly referred to as the Dev Team.”
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    Vlog #18

    This week we're getting geeky and taking a closer look at the Development Team, commonly referred to as the Dev Team. We haven't shown much of them on camera yet and felt it was about time we explored programming, code, and the magic that happens at Helcim.

    We also had Ivan, our newest team member, join the Dev Team as a summer intern from the University of Alberta this week. Ivan will be working on various projects with the Dev Team over the summer. Making it the perfect time to introduce him to everyone and talk about how the team is growing.

    We now have ten people on our development team and are hiring two more coders this month. When we hire new team members we look for a team player who is passionate, and willing to learn.

    The growth of our development team reflects the importance of their contribution to building Helcim. As we continue to grow our team we want to add team members who will fit in well with the existing team but also bring new ideas to the table.

    We hope you enjoy this inside look at development at Helcim. Personally, I love coding, I think it's an amazing thing that lets you take a blank computer screen and transform it into a product, a company or an industry. Out of just ideas, you can create so many incredible things.

    The ability to make something out of nothing is why development and coding are such an important part of Helcim.

    "“ Nic

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