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Why We Have In-House Developers

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Miranda Russell | June 8, 2018

“We would not be able to offer the products and services that we do without the support and hard work the development team puts into our products.”
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    Our team of in-house developers is growing.

    We added a summer student to the team this week who will be getting hands-on experience for the summer. They will get to work on a variety of projects that directly impact the products and services we offer merchants. We are also growing the team with two new full-time developers who will expand our in-house team to a total of 10 team members. The Development Team accounts for approximately 1/3 of the entire Helcim team.

    The Importance of Building Things Yourself

    The size of the development team shows how important they are to Helcim's success and continued growth. We would not be able to offer the products and services that we do without the support and hard work the development team puts into our products. They can take customer ideas and transform them from a blank computer screen to a useful product. This allows us to constantly innovate so we're able to meet our merchant's needs.

    Helcim's commitment to coding and development is driven by our CEO and Founder Nic Beique. He personally loves coding and knows first hand how code can be used to take an idea and turn it into an amazing product and company. Nic is still very involved in development at Helcim, most of our production code still goes through him for final verification before it goes live.

    At a recent Startup Grind Event, Nic explained that his one piece of advice for anyone is to learn to program and be a coder. Being able to do things yourself, especially at first, gives business owners a great set of skills so, even if you hire other people, later on, you can review their code and communicate what you need to be done. Today, most business ideas have software running behind them, so knowing how to code gives you a great advantage.

    Staying Competitive

    With all employees at Helcim, we look for creative people who can solve problems and come up with new ways to do things. This absolutely applies to our development team as they need to constantly be creating and innovating. Having creative developers is one way we stay competitive compared to other payment processors in the market. Because of our Development Team, Helcim has been able to adapt to the needs of business owners expanding beyond being just a payment company with our all-in-one merchant platform.

    If You're a Technology Company, You Need In-House Developers

    With ecommerce becoming more common, the needs of business owners are becoming more complex. Retailers who were traditionally brick and mortar have expanded their businesses to include online stores which mean they are expecting more from their payment providers.

    More complex business requirements mean more integrations from third-party applications such as QuickBooks, shopping cart providers, or other custom business solutions. Our in-house team has been able to meet the changing needs of business owners, so they can continue to dream big and grow their businesses with the support of Helcim.

    Building and growing Helcim is an ongoing endeavor, the business is constantly expanding and changing with a seemingly never-ending list of tasks. By keeping our development in-house we're not just growing the company's product offerings and improving the platform. We're also growing the skills and knowledge base of the team. All our development knowledge is kept within the company and requests are less likely to be miscommunicated. If any member of the team has questions they can simply ask their teammates. There is no waiting for emails that might be sitting unopened in inboxes or facing delays because someone needs to prioritize another client or task. Both points can be a common frustration when working with a third-party company for development.

    We Work as a Team

    Although people might picture coders as working autonomously, just sitting alone with their computers, this is not the case at Helcim. While our developers do have individual responsibilities and areas of specialization, they still work closely together and troubleshoot as a team when issues arise. If you visit our offices, it's not uncommon to find the team huddled around the same computer talking their way through an issue or brainstorming the best way to approach a new project.

    The Development Team is also accessible to the Gurus whenever they have a merchant question. They can chat with them in person and get immediate answers to their questions. This immediacy and accessibility to our internal knowledge base help us provide great customer service to our merchants by getting them the answers they need as fast as possible.

    You can see a great real-life example of this in our vlog Snow and Chaos, Just Another Day in April when the team had to quickly respond to some changes that our partner bank had made to their system. In this situation, we had to do some emergency coding and quickly rally the team together to get the work done. It was great that we were able to quickly bring people together, so we could get the code running and customers were able to resume signing up.

    If we didn't have an in-house team, we might not have been able to complete these changes as quickly as we did because we would have needed to reach out to our third-party developers, check if they had the capacity, and communicate the problem.

    Continuing to Grow and Innovate

    As we continue to grow the Development Team we are looking for creative and passionate programmers who are motivated by the opportunity to take ideas and turn them into amazing products that help transform how business owners operate. If you're interested in joining the Helcim team you can check out our current career opportunities here.

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