Flat Rates Don't Always Save You More

Flat rates for processing fees and no monthly fee can seem very appealing at first glance, particularly if you are a micro-merchant or work on a side hustle where you are only processing a small number of transactions periodically. However, if you are regularly processing larger sums or if you have a consistent amount of payments coming through it’s important to run the numbers and ensure you’re still getting the best rate for your business needs. If your business has grown and you’re now processing higher amounts that you originally thought it might be time to take a second look at your payment processors rates to ensure you’re still getting the best possible price.

We want to make it easy for you to compare Helcim Commerce to the other payment providers in the marketplace so Helcim ran the numbers for you. As you can see in the break-even analysis below, as your processing volume increases the rate can have a big impact on what your processing fee. Cost+ pricing is more cost-effective for merchants processing over $2,000 a month (based on an average transaction amount of $75.00). This is because as your transaction volume increases, your processing rate decreases, saving you more. Helcim’s competitive Cost+ pricing combined with no cancellation fees, no contracts and a rate guarantee that our Cost+ (%) margin will not increase during the life of your account ensures that your businesses is not going to be spending any more on payment processing then it needs to.

Breakeven Analysis

The table below shows the break-even point for US merchants when Helcim becomes a more cost-effective solution for your business:

*estimates are based on 20% keyed vs. 80% card-present with an average ticket of $75. Helcim costs are based on an estimated 1.88% effective rate for card-present and 2.35% for card-not-present, 8 cents per transaction for card present and 25 cents per transaction for card-not-present and $15 per month. Square costs are based on 2.75% card-present, 3.5% card-not-present + 15 cents. For Canadian figures please click here.

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