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15 Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

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Danny Randell | July 22, 2022

“Whether it's a birthday or holiday, we hope these gift ideas will inspire your shopping list for the entrepreneur in your life this year!”
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    It's not Christmas without socks. And even if it's not Christmas, socks are still a great choice. You can never have too many"¦right? Plus, with socks like these, who wouldn't be stoked on a new pair?

    Charging Pad

    Did you know there are handy wireless charging pads out there that you can use for all your devices at once? What could be more convenient for the technology dependent business owner? There are a bunch of options on Amazon.

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    Gym memberships are so 2019, right? What about a Peloton for that ambitious entrepreneur who wakes up extra early every day just to get their sweat on? (Not-so-fancy exercise bikes are also an option.)


    Everybody loves it. ("˜Nuff said.) Here's a couple of unique spots to buy some: Ten Degrees Chocolate and Chocolates by Bob.

    chocolate treats

    Photo Credit: Ten Degrees Chocolate

    Passport Holder or Wallet

    Entrepreneurs are always travelling, right? So why not a nice fancy passport holder? Maybe monogrammed? Or perhaps your entrepreneur doesn't travel, in which case there's always the passport holder's more common cousin-the wallet.

    A Business Book

    Most entrepreneurs read a lot. These folks are on the forefront of business development and innovation and are always looking to learn. So why not give them an inspirational book to read? (Like Phil Knight's Shoe Dog, an autobiography by the founder of Nike.)

    Audible Membership

    For the entrepreneurs who wish they read a lot but perhaps just don't have the time-go for an Audible subscription instead.

    Masterclass Subscription

    Masterclass has dozens of online classes from experts in a broad range of fields. Music, acting, cooking, wine-you name it. While there's lots to learn on Masterclass, these classes can also be a fun way for a business owner to de-stress and pursue a hobby after a long day at the office.

    Apple Watch

    A sleek-looking wrist watch that's also a supercomputer is stylish while making an entrepreneur's life easier. There are tons of smartwatches out there that will track your steps and come with other fancy features, but the Apple watch is second-to-none.

    Quickbooks Subscription

    Starting a business is hard work, and oftentimes business owners can feel like they're chasing their tail trying to keep up with all of the demands on their time. One thing that can save an entrepreneur headaches, time, and money is a Quickbooks subscription. Quickbooks makes accounting a lot easier for businesses and can take the stress out of bookkeeping.

    Desk Items

    Know an entrepreneur that spends all day at the office? Get them something for their desk that either looks good or serves a specific purpose. Gone are the days of the hole-punch and stapler-what about a new keyboard or wireless mouse? Or there's always a fancy paperweight.

    An Experience

    Get the entrepreneur who has it all something they can't keep (except for the memories!). Gift them a wine tour in summer, or a dogsled adventure in winter. An experience is always a great choice for a gift, as long as the entrepreneur in your life can find the time!

    Dog sled adventure

    Photo Credit: Continental Divide Dogsled Adventures

    Office Artwork

    For the same reason as above: if your entrepreneur spends all their time at their place of work, get them something nice to look at while they're there. If they have a favourite painter or artwork, prints are easy enough to find online, or you can get something unique from a local artist!


    What goes best with a growing business? A growing plant! Give an entrepreneur a nice succulent to brighten up their home or office and in addition to something beautiful they'll get an added dose of oxygen to the room!

    A Gift Card To A Local Favourite

    Who doesn't love a night out at their favourite local restaurant? Buy a gift card for an entrepreneur and support another entrepreneur at the same time! It's a win-win.

    Craft Beer or Wine

    Support local breweries and wineries by selecting a unique growler or bottle for your entrepreneur to try! (In Calgary, check out Screaming Toller brewing.)

    Credit Card Reader

    Okay. We had to throw this last one in there. An awesome credit card reader that's lightweight, portable, and user friendly like the Helcim Card Reader is a great gift for an entrepreneur who needs to accept payments!

    Whether it's a birthday or holiday, we hope these gift ideas will inspire your shopping list for the entrepreneur in your life this year!

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