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Ditching Outdated Processors is Easier Than You Think

Danny Randell | February 16, 2021

“How and why to ditch your old payment processor. Find out when would be the right time to move on for a better product & customer service.”

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“In an industry plagued with hidden fees, long-term contracts, and some of the worst biz practices you could imagine, Helcim is a breath of fresh air.”

– Brandon, Restaurant Owner & Helcim Customer since 2017

When you think of growing your business, what do you think of? Maybe it’s introducing a new product or service, or trying to reach more customers. Odds are, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t your payment processor. But what if switching payment processors could not only save your business money, but help your business grow?

That’s where Helcim comes in.The payment processing industry has been dominated for far too long by archaic institutions with an aversion to customer service and an eye for little else but their own bottom line. Helcim is changing all that.

Now, you might have realized some time ago that your current payment processor doesn’t have your best interests at heart, or at the very least, they’re not able to offer you the dedicated service you need to make your business flourish. Perhaps you’ve considered switching before, but the thought of the hassle was enough to convince you that sticking with your current processor was what was best for the business—at least in the short term.

The good news is, I’m here to tell you that switching from your current payment service provider is easier than you think, and the benefits of partnering with Helcim will be paying dividends in no time.

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