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How Tipping with EMV Cards Works

Nic Beique | September 26, 2015

“EMV chip and pin technology makes tipping a lot faster and easier.”

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EMV Chip and PIN payments are proving to be an effective solution to the restaurant payment bottleneck. With this new technology, the restaurant payment process is faster, tipping is easier, and the payments are more customer-centric.

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Credit Card Processing Tips for Restaurants: Introduction to EMV

The old way to pay at a restaurant is to process a swipe and signature payment with your credit card. This is a lengthy process.

First, the customer asks the waiter for their bill. Then the customer places the credit card on top of their bill and waits for the waiter to pick it up. Once the waiter picks it up, they need to take it to the back of the restaurant to process the payment.

At the back of the restaurant, the waiter swipes the customer’s credit card in the terminal to begin processing the transaction. Afterward, they bring the customer back the printed receipt and their credit card.

Now, the customer has to calculate what percentage they want to provide as a tip to the waiter, before signing the receipt.

After this entire lengthy process, the waiter then goes back into his station and will do a ‘TIP ADJUST’ on the terminal. Next, the waiter will manually add the tip amount into the terminal and capture the transaction.

This process is long, and long payment times in restaurants can be a bottleneck for servers, which can create unhappy and hungry customers.

There Has to be a Better Way.

Today, EMV chip and PIN payments are proving to be an effective solution to the restaurant payment bottleneck. With this new technology, the restaurant payment process goes as follows.

After the customer asks the waiter for the bill, the waiter will bring the bill to the customer’s table. With new hardware options, servers can bring the bill and a wireless card reader or credit card terminal to the table at the same time.

The customer will insert their chip card into the bottom of the machine and enters their PIN. The customer is presented with tipping options directly on the machine, so there is no manual math required on the customer’s end. Tipping with EMV cards is easy, the customer simply enters the tip information while they complete their payment.

After the payment is approved, the terminal is passed back to the waiter and everything is completed.

Now, Go Tip Away

After cutting out the extra steps that swipe and signature payments and tipping create, your restaurant payment process runs quicker than ever. This benefits both the server and the customer, as the server has more time to focus on the service rather than collecting payments.

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