Prepping Your Business For Interviews

Will Interviews Be In-Person or Virtual This Year?

Right now the question of whether or not in-person interviews are going to be a possibility is on a lot of hiring manager’s minds. Many companies are transitioning back into the office, but some are staying remote or adapting to a hybrid model of remote work. How your company is planning to meet the future of work will influence how you want to conduct your interviews.

How Managers Can Prep For an In-Person Interview

While your candidate is likely concerned with giving a good first impression, that doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t be too. It’s no longer enough to simply offer people employment if you want them to come and work for you. They have to want to work for you. So make them!

Now that doesn’t mean you need to roll out the red carpet and pretend that your workplace is something it’s not—but you can make candidates feel welcome easily enough.

For example, show them where they might be working—don’t shuffle them into a boardroom and back out again like it’s a police interrogation. Maybe offer your candidate a cup of coffee while they’re waiting for the interview, and then start with a tour and some small talk. 

This not only lets you get to know the person you’re interviewing a little more outside of a purely professional context (asking them questions for which they’ve probably prepared), but it helps them to feel more comfortable too, allowing your interview to flow more naturally.

How Managers Can Prep For a Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews have become somewhat normal over the last year and a bit, as companies have simply needed to get on with hiring talent even given the circumstances. 

It can be difficult, of course, to give someone virtually a sense of what it looks like to work at your company, but lacking the ability to physically interact offers the opportunity to engage in some good conversation. Try coming with some questions that don’t involve the job to start with. This will help set both you and your candidate at ease and pave the way for a smooth transition into the interview.

Many hiring managers are afraid of speaking too candidly in an interview at the risk of sounding unprofessional; and while this is a justifiable concern, it really does make more sense to get to know your candidate a bit before you hire them, not just afterward!

Asking someone questions which strictly pertain to the job description doesn’t tell you much about what kind of person they are and how they’re going to fit with you and your team. 

You never know, you might find yourself talking to someone with a great personality that doesn’t have all the skills you’re looking for and decide that you’d rather train this person than hire the candidate that checked all the boxes on paper. You can only come to these sorts of conclusions when you deviate from the script a bit and get to know your candidate on a personal level.

Final Thoughts

Interviews are a big deal for employees on the job hunt, but they matter for hiring managers too. Interviews are fundamental to how you build your team; and after all—you never want to hire just anybody. Taking the right steps to prepare your interviews for success gives your candidate and you the best chance of successfully determining whether or not they are the right fit for your company.

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