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Is Your Business Ready For The Holidays?

Danny Randell | November 29, 2021

“The holidays are just around the corner and as usual, that means an uptick in shopping. We’ve put together a list of five things business owners can do to make sure they’re ready for the holiday season:”

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The holidays are just around the corner and as usual, that means an uptick in shopping. We’ve put together a list of five things business owners can do to make sure they’re ready for the holiday season:

1. Prepare Your Online Store

If you don’t already have an online store—it’s never too late to get one (you can actually make one for free here). And with this Christmas still being a ways off from normal, you may want to consider how many of your customers are going to be ordering their gifts online again this year and make sure you give them the option.

If you do have an online store, make sure it’s working properly and update any of the pages that need it. You’ll then want to get your holiday products listed as early as possible so your store is ready for shoppers.

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2. Do An Inventory Count

Once you’ve got your products listed and your online store is ready for people to browse—you’ll next want to double check you have the inventory you need for the holiday rush.

Now, you don’t want to overestimate how much business you’re going to do, but you don’t want to underestimate either. While being “sold out” might seem like a good problem to have, you don’t want to end up running out of products too early when you could have made more sales if you had been better prepared.

3. Put Together A Marketing Plan

You don’t want to rely solely on the buzz surrounding the holidays to drive up your sales. People need to know why they should do their shopping with you specifically, and it’s your job to tell them. A holiday marketing campaign is a great way to shine a light on the unique things your business has to offer shoppers. Try making a fun video that features some of your products and running the ad on Facebook or Instagram, or send some of your merchandise to influencers in exchange for a post about your business.

4. Plan Holidays For You And Employees

Obviously you don’t want to go through the holidays without taking any for yourself! But in addition to taking time for your family and friends, you’ll want to make sure you’re thinking proactively about vacation days so that you have enough staff on hand for the busiest season of the year. Whether you’ve got a physical storefront and need people to man the sales floor on Christmas Eve or are an online business that needs workers around on Boxing Day to ship packages—planning ahead ensures that you’re never short-staffed on a busy day.

5. Decorate

This last one is perhaps the easiest (and most fun) thing your business can do to get ready for the holidays—decorate! Decorating your business helps employees and customers get into the spirit of the season and can make shopping and working seem a little more enjoyable. Getting your team involved can also be a great way to foster employee engagement and give everyone a chance to celebrate the season.

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