Different Ways You Can Process Credit Cards in Your Business
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Different Ways You Can Process Credit Cards in Your Business

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Nic Beique | October 29, 2020

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    The Surprising Benefits of Multiple Credit Cards

    Having multiple ways to accept payments can make it easier for you to serve more customers and increase your client base. Letting customers pay on the phone or online can make it easier for them to submit payment while improving their perception of your business.

    Whether you need a virtual terminal or you're processing at your physical storefront, you can utilize tools that work across multiple devices and sync across all points of your business to deliver a true omnichannel experience. Read on to learn about how using different payment tools can help you grow your business.

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    Virtual Terminals

    When selecting a payment processor, look to see if they offer a virtual terminal credit card processing option to help you complete transactions over the phone. Using a virtual terminal lets you easily complete a remote transaction with a customer in real-time. This tool can make things easier for you and your team, especially if you need to complete transactions while you're on the go or if your customers aren't able to visit you personally. Once you process a transaction, you can email or print a receipt while securely storing the customer's payment information. Seek out tools that can also help you manage subscriptions or recurring payments if this is part of your business model. Try to find an account that includes these varying payment methods, so you don't have to rack up additional subscription or software fees for the different types of transactions your business needs.

    Physical Storefront

    Look for a payment processor that also offers physical hardware, like a card reader, that you can take with you for in-person payments. This mobile solution can help you take credit and debit cards while you connect with your customers in person. Or, you can create a more traditional point-of-sale option with a desktop set-up by adding a countertop stand to your card reader for an elevated experience that's easy to use. If you are seeking out mobile payment solutions, you can use a payments app that allows you to effectively complete transactions through your computer, tablet, and mobile phone for easy processing regardless of your business needs. The company you use should also offer customer management tools to help you learn more about purchasing trends with your audience while storing customer information to make future payments even easier. Don't forget to check that the company offers accessible customer service so you can easily get in touch if you ever have any questions.

    Ecommerce Options

    Having online payment options for your customers can help you reach a larger audience. Consider looking for a payment processor that can provide ecommerce solutions that help you build an online store and complete secure transactions online. Look for features like tax calculations, discount codes, and web hosting for a comprehensive solution. Be sure that your online business presence is branded the same as on any other channel and that your online transactions sync to your other payment methods. Make it easy for customers to interact with, and support, your company with multiple credit card processing options. Today's customers expect to be able to interact with your business wherever they are, without experiencing any extra hassle.

    About Helcim

    As a leader in credit card processing, Helcim offers a variety of services that can support your business. We feature easy to use tools for you and your team as well as clear and transparent pricing so you can avoid many of the confusing sales practices on the market today. Thousands continue to trust Helcim with credit card processing for both on and offline transactions. With modern solutions to help streamline your process and easily sync your business information to one centralized account. All your information is securely stored with Helcim so you can focus on your business and supporting your customers. Benefit from our affordable rates and no hidden fees, and if you ever need help, we're here to answer your questions and provide support.

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