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If You Want to Scale Your Business - Helcim is Here to Help

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Nic Beique | August 2, 2018

“Scale your business using Helcim's low transaction fees, cost effective terminal options, friendly customer service, and innovative software.”
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    When your new business first launches, each sale is a celebration.

    You are working hard every day to get your business off the ground, and it can be hard to imagine what your future growth might look like. Helcim wants to encourage you to dream big and to empower your business by selecting a payment processor who will be able to grow with you throughout your entire journey.

    Low Transaction Fees that also Reward Your Business for Processing More

    When you're just starting out, it can be tempting to go with a flat rate credit card processor to keep your monthly costs down during the early days of your business, when sales volumes are smaller. However, it does not take long for a new business to outgrow the benefits of a flat rate payment processor. Once your business is consistently processing a few thousand dollars a month, then it can be more cost-effective to go with a payment processor that offers interchange plus pricing.

    The benefit of choosing a payment processor that offers Cost+ Pricing is that as the volume of payments your business is processing increases, your average transaction rate will decrease because Helcim passes volume savings on to our merchants. Merchants who are processing payments for registered charities or have implemented recurring subscription plans can qualify for lower transaction fees, resulting in even more savings for their business.

    Finally, Helcim has a rate guarantee, so although we can't guarantee the Visa and MasterCard Interchange rates, we do guarantee that our Cost+ (%) margin will never increase for the life of your account with us.

    Cost-Effective Terminal Options

    Helcim offers the Helcim Credit Card Reader to meet all your business needs. You can purchase it outright for a low, one-time amount.

    If you need to accept payments on your computer, then Helcim has a virtual terminal that will allow you to log in from anywhere and easily process credit card transactions in real-time.

    Friendly Customer Service that is There to Support You Throughout Your Journey

    There is nothing more frustrating than needing help with something or having an urgent question and not being able to find an answer. In addition to providing in-depth online resources on our blog, we have a friendly, in-house customer service team that is knowledgeable about Helcim's products as well as the payment processing industry at large and is committed to helping your business grow. You can contact Helcim's Customer Service team by phone, email, or on social media and rest assured that we will be in touch within 24 hours and work hard to find the solution to your problem as quickly as possible. Providing excellent customer service is very important to us, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands if you run into any issues.

    Supportive Software So You Can Do More

    In addition to offering competitive payment processing rates and a wide range of terminals, Helcim also offers an all-in-one merchant platform that provides the tools your business needs to grow. So as your business scales and the necessity for additional business software arises, you won't need to look for outside help. Because it's an all-in-one platform there are no additional fees for adding functionality or using any of the tools.

    Helcim gives your business the ability to:

    • Accept payments easily and in a variety of ways
    • Get paid on time and improve cash flow by creating customizable invoices that can be sent to, and paid by, your customers
    • A Point-of-Sale (POS) system that works from anywhere across all your devices
    • Take your business online with Helcim's full ecommerce platform and website builder
    • Create a product catalog and manage your inventory
    • Use a customer relationship manager to keep track of all your customers and improve your customer service
    • Set up recurring payments for monthly subscriptions
    • Continue to grow your business with integrations and developer-friendly API customizations

    Let Helcim Help You Grow

    By selecting a payment processor that rewards your business with lower rates when you process more, provides a wide variety of hardware options for all your business needs, and includes an all-in-one merchant platform without costly fees or add-ons, you can be confident that Helcim will help your business grow.

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