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What is a Virtual Terminal?

Miranda Russell | January 8, 2019

“Virtual terminals are web-based interfaces that let you accept credit card payments. Learn more about virtual terminals & how they can help your business he”

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If you don’t have a retail terminal to process a credit card, or even if your customer isn’t physically in front of you with their card, you are still able to easily process payments through an online version of a payment terminal called a Virtual Terminal.

Virtual Terminals are web-based interfaces that let you accept credit card payments. To use a virtual terminal, you log in to the website and manually enter the credit card information to process the payment, instead of swiping the customer’s credit card through a physical terminal. Essentially, the Virtual Terminal turns your computer or tablet into a Point-of-Sale system, so you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware to be able to process payments.

Virtual Terminals are a great fit for businesses that don’t have a physical storefront, do not need to meet with customers in person, or even if you wanted to process a credit card without using any equipment. Many businesses use Virtual Terminals for their payment processing if they have customers call in to make a payment over the phone or whenever they need to process a card-not-present transaction. If your business isn’t processing credit card transactions in person for customers, then the Virtual Terminal can save your business money by removing the need for hardware costs.

There are many ways that using a Virtual Terminal can benefit your business, including:

The ability to take payments on the go

You will be able to use your virtual terminal everywhere, as long as you have access to a workstation, laptop, tablet, or phone that you can use to log in to the virtual terminal, then you will be able to authorize a credit card transaction, email receipts to customers, and review your transaction history.

Save time and avoid errors with recurring payments

If Helcim is your payment processor, then your virtual terminal is included with your Helcim account, and you will have access to our recurring payment and subscription management tools. By automating your payments, you can save time by processing payments automatically using customer information that you keep on file and get paid faster.

Get your funds quickly

Even though your transactions are web-based, depending on your processor, you should still get your funds quickly. Funds can typically be received as quickly as funds from in-person transactions.

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