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Canadian Merchants Can Now Accept JCB

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Nic Beique | September 4, 2017

“As a Canadian merchant who accepts American Express, you can now accept JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) payments.”
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    As a Canadian merchant who accepts American Express, you can now accept JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) payments.

    What is JCB?

    JCB stands for Japanese Credit Bureau. JCB is the only international credit card brand headquartered in Japan, and is widely accepted around the world. The company entered a card reciprocal agreement with the Discover network which makes JCB accepted where ever Discover is accepted. Now, those who accept American Express now also have the ability to accept JCB.

    Japanese Credit Bureau LogoJapanese Credit Bureau Logo You are automatically able to process JCB payments if:

    • you signed up with Helcim on or after November 16, 2016, and accept American Express payments
    • you have been with Helcim for longer but began accepting American Express cards on or after November 16, 2016 If this reflects your business, you can already accept JCB!

    JCB processing rates match American Express. To get a full, in-depth overview of all American Express processing and interchange rates, check out our comprehensive chart. JCB transactions process at the same rates as American Express cards. JCB transactions will appear under the American Express section on your monthly statement, so you receive a totally transparent view of your payments.

    There are many types of JCB cards. Below is a chart that includes every JCB Card and the associated country that merchants can accept:CountryCardsJAPAN JCB Standard, Synergy JCB, JCB The Class, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer JCB Credit Card, JCB Corporate Card, AEON JCB Credit Card, JCB Gold The Premier, Delta Skymiles JCB, JCB JALCARD, APLUS Gold Credit Card, JCB Gold, JTB Card, All Nippon Airways JCB Credit Card, TS Cubic Card, JCB Gold Extage, Honda C-card, Korean Air Skypass JCB Credit Card, Seven Card, Cedyna OMC. (Orange members club) CHINA BOC CUP-JCB Credit Card, Toyota China Merchants Bank Credit Card, Bank of Shanghai CUP-JCB Credit Card, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. CNY-JPY JCB Credit Card TAIWAN JCB Standard, JCB Grand, JCB Gold, JCB Eternity, JCB Platinum, JCB Debit, JCB Precious, JCB Precious Debit HONG KONG AEON JCB, Bank of East Asia Platinum JCB SOUTH KOREA Shin Han NANO Card, Lotte Card JCB, KB Card Star, BC Card JCB THAILAND AEON Card JCB, Krungsri JCB Platinum, KTC JCB, KBank JCB Platinum PHILLIPPINES BDO JCB Lucky Cat, BDO JCB Gold, RCBC Bankard JCB Classic, RCBC Bankard JCB Gold, RCBC Bankard myDream JCB SINGAPORE UOB JCB Platinum Card INDONESIA Maybank (BII) JCB Platinum Credit Card, CIMB Niaga JCB Ultimate Credit Card, BNI JCB Platinum Credit Card, BRI JCB Platinum Credit Card (roll-out starting in 2017) BAHRAIN Credimax JCB Classic Credit Card, Credimax JCB Gold Credit Card UAE Najm JCB Gold, Najm JCB SilverUSA Marukai Premium JCB Card, Marukai JCB Card, Mitsuwa JCB Card AUSTRIA JCB Balance PAKISTAN Bank of Khyber JCB Debit Card

    If you signed up before November 16, 2016

    It's easy to add JCB to your account if you signed up before November 16, 2016. It just isn't automatic due to relationships between card networks and banks. Simply contact us and we can easily add JCB to your account right away.

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