Accepting Interac Debit.

Interact Debit is Canada’s primary debit card network and is a great low-cost payment method for businesses accepting in-person transactions. Merchants using the Helcim Card Reader can easily accept Chip & Tap Interac transactions. We display Interact wholesale network fees on our website as part of our transparent Interchange Plus pricing.

Interac Network Fees.

Interac Network Fees  
Interac Flash - Standard Merchant Base 3.5¢  
Interac Flash - Quick Service Restaurant, Theaters, Convenience Stores, Vending, Newsstands, Limousines & Cabs  
Interac Debit Switch Fee * 0.9605¢ ($0.009605)  

*HST is charged to the acquirer/processor on network card-brand and switch fees. Interac listed card-brand fees is $0.0085. Because this is an absorbed cost by the acquirer who are not allowed to claim ITCs in Canada, the HST on the card-brand fee cannot be used as an ITC by the merchant. Does not apply to interchange, per transaction or cost+ fees.

Interac Corp. Official Network Fees
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Average Credit Card Rate
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Average PIN-Debit Rate

0.91% + 8¢

  • Interac
Interac Chip & PIN


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  • Discover
Average Credit Card Rate

2.38% + 25¢

2.47% + 25¢

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