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Viewing a Monthly Statement in the My Account Portal

1) Click on the plus symbol Merchant Accounts tab on the left side of the screen and the menu will drop down to show your Merchant Accounts. Next, click on the account that you wish to view your statements.

statement check 1

2) Either click on Monthly Statements in the left hand column under your merchant account or the Monthly Statements button under the Manage Account toolbar.

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3) Next click on the file name ending with .PDF for the corresponding month to view the statement. If a .PDF is not available, click on Load Statement. After doing so, the screen will refresh and you will then be able to click on the now loaded statement.

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4) In the Statement view screen you can now view your statement. You can also download or email the PDF of the statement by clicking Download or Send Email Copy. For more info on reading statements click here for Canadian merchants and here for merchants in the USA.

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Date: Jan 29, 2019
Author: Aaron H.