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Performing a Maintenance Download

Follow the directions below to run a maintenance download to update your Desk 3500 terminal.

Important Note: any open batch needs to be settled before performing the download. For instructions on how to settle your batch, please check our support article found here.

  1. Press the silver Home key
  2. Enter in the Admin password and press the green OK key.
  3. Using the arrows scroll down to Tetra Admin and press the green OK key. If you do not have the password, please reach out to the Helcim team to provide it for you.
  4. Press [1] for Download Application.
  5. Press [1] for Configure Download
  6. Use the arrow keys to "Contract Number" and press the green OK key.
  7. Press the yellow correction key to remove the existing number and enter the new Contract Number provided by the Helcim team and press the green OK key.
  8. Press the red cancel key to go back.
  9. Press [2] for Start Download.
  10. Press the green OK key at "Enter Package Name" screen.
If you are having trouble completing this download, please give us a call at 877-643-5246 or e-mail us at help@helcim.com.

Date: Mar 1, 2019
Author: Aaron H.