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Choosing Debit or Credit (US)

Choosing between PIN Debit (Debit Network) and Signature Debit (Credit Network) when a customer is using a Debit card:

  1. Insert Card

  2. The terminal will default to PIN Debit network and the prompt for PIN will show up. If customer knows their PIN, and wants to proceed with a PIN Debit transaction, they enter their PIN and complete the sale. If they do not know their PIN, or wish to use the Credit Network to run the transaction, proceed to step 3. 

  3. Press yellow key

  4. Prompt will say “Do you want to try without a pin?”

  5. Choose yes

  6. Prompt will tell the customer to re-enter the card.

  7. Transaction will proceed as Signature Debit.

    Note: Some terminals will still say it is a debit sale.

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Author: AJ.R
Date: Apr 4, 2019