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Theme Designer

Use the Theme Designer to customize your Online Store and get your brand noticed.

From the Online Store feature, click on Theme.

From here, you will see the Theme Editor menu.

  1. CHANGE THEME- Here you can choose between themes that we have created. At the moment there is only 1 theme, but we will be releasing new themes very soon! 

  2. STYLE MANAGER - Choose one of our preset styles to get you on your way, or you can choose a custom style that you have created.

  3. PERSONALIZE - Use this option to edit your custom style. Here you can edit the coloring, font style, fomatting and more. To make the changes for all pages of the online store, edit under Global Options, or you can customize a specific page menitoned in the next menu option below. The page customizer will be set to Home

  4. CUSTOMIZABLE SECTION LIST - Use this to choose the specific page you would like to make customizations to. Once you've chosen the page, go back to Personalize, and you will see the page you have chosen to customize. 

  5. SETTINGS -  In settings you will be able to use the Refresh option if the changes in commerce have not updated to the store. Use the Rebuild option if the refresh doesn't work. This will rebuild the local cashe and may take a couple of minutes.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-877-643-5246.