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Recurring 101

Recurring transactions are used when customers need to be billed repeatedly on a weekly or monthly basis. Creating a recurring transaction works very similar to regular purchases, with the addition of four recurring variables used to determine the billing schedule. The transaction type must also be changed to "recurring" in order for the gateway to identify the transaction properly. It is important to take note that the transactions themselves, whether the initial amount or the scheduled billings, can still be voided in the same way as regular purchases.

Initial Amount (Optional)

For recurring transactions the "amount" variable is no longer required and is instead optional. If no amount is sent, the customer will only be charged on the start date of the billing schedule. If an amount is provided, the customer will be billed that amount immediately.

Start Date

If the start date is after the 28th of any given month the billing cycle will fall on the last day of each month. For example, if the start date were April 30th, the next billing date would fall on May 31st, then June 30th, and so on.