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Request Variables (Optional)

Name Type Description
test 1/numeric Sets whether this is a test or not. Any value other than 1 will assume this is a real transaction.
cardholderName 100/alpha Name on card.
amount 10,2/decimal If set, this is the amount the customer will be billed immediately.
For Address Verification Service (AVS)
cardholderAddress 255/alpha Address of cardholder for address verification.
cardholderPostalCode 50/alpha Postal code/zip code of cardholder for address verification.
Billing Information
orderId 50/alpha Unique transaction identifier, transaction will fail if a duplicate order id is found. The order id will be automatically generated by the Gateway if this field is blank.
customerId 50/alpha Customer identifier.
billingName 100/alpha Customer's billing name.
billingAddress 255/alpha Customer's billing address.
billingCity 255/alpha Customer's billing city.
billingProvince 255/alpha Customer's billing province or state.
billingPostalCode 50/alpha Customer's billing postal code or zip code.
billingCountry 255/alpha Customer's billing country.
billingPhoneNumber 255/alpha Customer's billing phone number.
billingEmailAddress 255/alpha Customer's billing email address.