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Processing a Sale

When your customer is purchasing products or services and the transaction is to be processed immediately, complete the following steps to process the sale:

1) Select [Virtual Terminal] from the top menu.

2) Select [Purchase] as your transaction type.

3) Enter the purchase amount, the credit card number, and the expiry date.

4) Enter the CVV number located on the back of the credit card or select [Ignore] if there is no CVV code available

5) Enter billing, shipping, and "Items to Purchase" details as needed.

6) Click [Process Transaction]



You will be prompted with an approval or decline message. If you get a decline response, you can try the card one more time. If it declines again, you should ask for another form of payment. If you get the response "PICK UP CARD" - click here

You can print a copy of the invoice by clicking:


1) [Print Invoice]

2) [2 1/4 inch receipt]

3) [3 1/8 inch receipt]