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Receiving Approval Data from the Page

Once a transaction is approved, the hosted payment page can forward the customer back to a specified URL of your choice (this is set in your page settings under "Approval URL"). The response is sent back via POST, using the same variables sent by our Payment Gateway. These include the transaction IDs, approval codes and any information captured by the payment page. Custom fields are also sent back.

Declined Transactions

If a credit card is declined, an error is display on the payment page directly, giving your customer to ability to verify their credit card details and try again. The declined transaction will appear in your Virtual Terminal transaction list.


Just like the Payment Gateway, the hosted payment page generates a card-token once the transaction is approved. This card-token is sent as part of the response variables above. Your website can use this card-token directly through the Payment Gateway to process further transactions without having to use the payment page. Visit Card-Tokenization 101 to learn more.