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Visa/MasterCard's Internet Requirements

In order to meet Visa and MasterCard's policies for online processing (E-Commerce), your website must meet the requirements below. During the application process, these can be in a development environment.
  • Merchant operating name (DBA) is displayed on the website
  • List country of permanent establishment en route to checkout
  • Website shows the products/services being purchased and their pricing.
  • A privacy policy is displayed.
  • Delivery methods and timing are displayed.
  • Cardholders must be given the opportunity to review your full Return/Refund policy en route to checkout, or have the opportunity to acknowledge they agree to it before making payment (at checkout).
  • A telephone number or email address is displayed for customers to contact merchant.
  • The website's WHOIS information reflects the applicant's information.
  • A secured checkout form with a valid SSL certificate (https) is also required. However, this can be added after the merchant account approval (giving you a chance to integrate the Online Gateway before launching your website).
  • Card acceptance marks need to be displayed.