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Login to Your Virtual Terminal Account

1) To login to your account, go to the Helcim login page and select "Helcim Virtual Terminal". You will be asked to enter your Account ID and password. These will be provided to you in your "Welcome to Helcim!" email.




2) The very first time you login to your account, you will be required to change your password. Your password must also change every 45 days. You cannot use the same password as previously used 13 times before. Please note your password must be a minimum of 7 characters which must include one upper case letter and one number.

3) When prompted by the system to change your password, enter your temporary password and create and confirm your new password.

4) Error- Account ID or Password incorrect- try the following:

-Make sure you are using the ACCOUNT ID.

-Do not copy and paste the temporary password- try typing it out.

-Make sure there are no additional spaces before or after any of the login information.

-For security reasons- you are unable to use any of the previous 13 passwords you have already used. 

-Your password must contain at least 8 characters, have one upper case letter and one number. 

-Try resetting your password to something simple that you will remember- Ex. Winter2016!


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