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Programming Instructions Omni 3750 - IP

These instructions are for terminals that already have the IP Communication server installed. For blank terminals or terminals currently on dial, go to the Programming Instructions - Dial page.

Creating Alpha Characters

To enter alphabetical characters, press the number key with the corresponding letter. Then press the [ALPHA] key to cycle through the letters until the desired letter is shown on the screen.

Omni 3750 Default Password

1 [ALPHA] [ALPHA] 66831

PLEASE NOTE ** If the terminal is blank do steps 1 and 2. If the terminal already has IP Communication Server then only do step 2.

1) Go into Comm Server by pressing F2

2) Press the left most purple button to choose CFG

3) Scroll down one screen by pressing the right most purple button

4) Go into the Download menu by pressing F1

5) At the Group ID prompt type in 1 and press Enter.

6) Choose Single-App by pressing F3

7) Choose Full by pressing F3

8) Choose SSL by pressing F3

9) Verify the download parameters on the screen:


10) Choose Edit by pressing F3 if necessary to change any of the values.
11) When completed or when ready choose Start by pressing F4

The terminal will restart and initiate the download.