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Programming Instructions Omni 3750 - Dial

These instructions are for blank terminals or terminals currently set to dial. This will download the application via dial. Once completed, you will then use the ethernet port to process transactions via IP.

Creating Alpha Characters

To enter alphabetical characters, press the number key with the corresponding letter. Then press the [ALPHA] key to cycle through the letters until the desired letter is shown on the screen.

Omni 3750 Default Password

1 [ALPHA] [ALPHA] 66831
1) Press [*]
If it says "Comm Server", your terminal is ready to be downloaded via IP

2) Press [F2] + [F4]
3) Enter password (see above) and press [Enter]
4) Down arrow and select "MENU 2"
5) Select ram files
6) Select "Clear all files" and confirm
7) Select "Flash files"
8) Select "Clear all files" and confirm
9) Select "Defrag" and confirm
10) Press [F2] + [F4]
11) Enter password and press [Enter]
12) Down arrow and select "MENU 3"
13) Select "Edit"
14) Enter password and press [Enter]

This is the tricky part. You have to scroll down through the file values by press [Enter] and see if the variables below are entered. If entered, you have to update the values to match the ones below. If the variables do not exist, you have to create them (including the *) and put the correct values after the = sign.

15) You can press [F3] or [Yellow] button to clear out the values


16) Press the [Red] key to go back
17) Up arrow and select "MENU 2"
18) Select "Download"
19) Download settings should be


20) The download should start. If it ask for the *ZA= parameter again, enter *ZA=*MA
21) Machine should reboot