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Programming Instructions - VX520 IP

Creating Alpha Characters

To enter alphabetical characters, press the number key with the corresponding letter. Then press the [ALPHA] key to cycle through the letters until the desired letter is shown on the screen.

VX 520 Default Password

1 [ALPHA] [ALPHA] 66831 1) Press F2 and F4 at the same time 2) Enter Password: 1 [ALPHA] [ALPHA] 66831 3) Choose Download and press Enter 4) Enter Password: 1 [ALPHA] [ALPHA] 66831 5) Choose Multi-app 6) Choose Full 7) You will be prompted to clear the existing application on the currently selected group. Choose Yes to continue. 8) Choose Yes to confirm the deletion 9) Choose TCPIP as the Communication/Download Mode 10) Choose Download and Download again 11) Choose edit and enter the TCP/Host address: termmgt.elavon.com and press enter 12) Enter port 443 and press enter 13) Choose True and press enter 14) Enter your Terminal ID (provided by Helcim) and press enter 15) Enter application name: *MA and press enter 16) Choose Download