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Programming Instructions - T7Plus DIAL

Pin Based Debit

Please note that this terminal requires an external pin pad for pin based debit. Your pin pad will need to be exchanged for it to work. Please contact your Helcim representative for more information.

1) Press [FUNCTION]

2) Enter 99 and press [Enter]

3) Enter password 028510 and press [Enter]

4) Enter program function 9 and press [Enter]

5) Enter 06 and press [Enter]

6) Enter 02 and press [Enter]

7) Enter 01 and press [Enter]

8) Press [Cancel] twice

9) When it says 'PLEASE INITIALIZE' unplug the power

10) While holding down [VOID] and [OFFLINE] plug in the power

11) Continue holding [VOID] and [OFFLINE] until it says "PLEASE INITIALIZE OR CALL FOR HELP SE"

12) Press [Function]

13) Enter 98 and press [Enter]

14) Press [Function] then 2 and [Enter]

15) Enter your terminal id (provided by Helcim)

16) Enter phone # 18007115479 and press [Enter]

17) Enter phone # again, 18007115479 and press [Enter]

18) If you require a prefix to dial an outside line (e.g.9) enter it and press [Enter]. If not simply press [Enter].

19) Enter country code B5

20) Press [SHIFT] and the top card verify key

21) Release [SHIFT] and press 5

22) Press [Enter]

23) Choose Exit and press [Cancel] twice

24) Press [Function] then 92 and [Enter]

25) Press [Enter] to download

26) Terminal will start downloading, this will take approximately 20 minutes

27) If download is successful, terminal will show "GOOD LOAD, PLEASE INITIALIZE"

28) Choose Initialize and press [Enter]