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Adding a Recurring Entry

1) Click on [Virtual Terminal]

2) Select "Recurring" as the transaction type

3) Enter the sale amount, credit card number, expiry date

4) Enter CVV number (security code on the back of the card). If you do not have the CVV number, select "Ignore" under CVV Indicator

5) Under "Recurring Information":

- The "Recurring Period" can be set to weeks or months (such as "1" month to bill once a month, or "2" weeks to bill every 2 weeks)

- The "Recurring Period" can also be set to specific days (such as "15,31" to bill the customers on the 15th and last day of the month)

- The "Number of Times" is the how many times the customer should be charged in total. Leave blank if there is no end date.

- The "Recurring Amount" is the amount that the customer will be billed in each period.

- The "Initial Amount" is an optional field. If entered, the customer will be charged this amount immediately.

6) Click [Process Transaction]