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Welcome to the Helcim POS Hybrid Integration

Our Point-of-Sale (POS) Hybrid terminals allow developers to quickly integrate their POS system with our EMV terminals. This developer section will provide you with the code samples and specifications to quickly deploy your own POS payment integration. For frequently asked questions, please visit our Hybrid-Terminal Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration .


Helcim POS Hybrid Integration - Transaction Flow Chart

Transaction flow

  1. App sends inputed data to the class
  2. Class parses the data into its correct output format
  3. Class then converts final output data into bytes
  4. Class uses TCP/IP and creates a socket with the given IP & port
  5. Class opens input and output streams then sends the bytes to the IP & port
  6. Terminal keeps a heartbeat with class
  7. Cardholder inputs necessary information for transaction
  8. Terminal connects to bank and returns Approved or Declined
  9. Receiving data gets sent to class in bytes
  10. Terminal then ends the connection
  11. Class converts the bytes and parses the data in its corresponding properties


Available Terminals

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Ingenico iCT220 Available Coming Soon
Ingenico iCT250 Available Coming Soon
Ingenico iWL220 Coming Soon Coming Soon
Ingenico iWL250 Coming Soon Coming Soon