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Terminal Error Messages (CANADA)

Terminal Error Message Cause/Error Solution
:) (smiley face) displays on PIN pad Terminal is not set to look for an external PIN pad

Make sure correct PIN pad type is selected in the terminal

  • Press [#]
  • Select [3] Setup
  • Select [5] Term Settings
  • Select [4] PIN pad
  • Select [1] PIN Pad Type
  • Select appropriate option

:) (smiley face) displayes on terminal 


Terminal has lost programming
  • Reboot device and attempt full download
  • If download does not correct isse, swap the device
Alert Interruption Tamper error. The terminal keys (encyrption) will be blown out and the terminal will lock up when the device detects tampering Replace the device
Amount Error Displayed if incorrect transaction amount entered when amount confirmation is enabled Re-enter the transaction amount, making sure to correctly enter it both times.
Amount Exceed Limit

Hold and Forward sale amount is greater than ceiling limit


The amount entered at the cashback prompt is above the cashback limit


Amount is greater than the max allowed by the application


Sale amount exceeds amount limit

Enter smaller amount


Increase cashback limit

Application Blocked Remove Card Displayed if all application on an EMV card are blocked. Fallback to magnetic card swipe is not permitted. The terminal/PIN pad will beep once every second and will display until card is removed before turning to idle prompt Remove Card
Application Not Supported Please RE-select Displayed during an EMV inserted transaction if cardholder selected an application that cannot be performed and there are other supported applications. Terminal displayed the Selected Payment Method prompt

Re-select payment method

Application Not Sipported Swipe Allowed Remove Card Displayed if the EMV chip app determined the EMV transaction cannot be performed as an EMV transaction. A magnetic swipe transaction is allowed.

Remove card and swipe

 Application Not Supported Swipe Not Allowed Remove Card Displayed if the EMV chip app determined the EMV transaction cannot be performed. Swipe is not allowed. Remove Card- get another form of payment
Batch Empty


Displayed if no transactions are currently stored in the terminal batch  
Batch Full Settle Batch

Displayed if user attempted to perform a transaction, but the maximum transaction amount allowed for a signle batch is reached


The max number of transactions allowed in a single batch has been reached

Press the red button to cancel the transaction and retunr to the idle screen. The user should settle the batch
Call Center/Call Auth   Instruct the merchant to call the Voice Authorization center for approval then force the transaction into the terminal.
Call Ref XXXX This is an American Express card that cannot be authorized through the credit card terminal Instruct the merchant to call Elavon Voice Auth for an AmEx approval adn then force the transaction into the terminal
Card Blocked Remove Card Displayed when the card is blocked. Possibly because there are no more PIN tried Remove card and request another form of payment
Card Not Allowed

Displayes if the user swipes card or enteres card number that is outside of the supported BIN range


The user swipes a card that is not a valid credit card


The card used is not valid for the transaction type

The user is likely suing an invalid card or enteres the card number incorrectly


Using a debit/ATM card for a credit card transaction


Using a card that is outside the supported BIN ranges

 "Connection" then "Disconnection in Progress"

The download is failing, This may occur under several circumstances including the following:

  • No Ethernet or Dial connection
  • Incorrect Ethernet configuration (static instead of dynamic)
  • forwireless IWL terminals, terminal may not be associated with the comm base
  • Check/correct the Dial or Ethernet connection and retry download
  • For Ethernet, ensure the terminal is configured to Dynamic or Static IP as applicable
  • For IWL wireless terminals, make sure terminal is associated with the comm base
Device Not Recognized Displayed if a peripheral device was plugged into the terminal that the app does not recognize Plug in devices only cerified with the app
Display stuck on "English Enabled"   Make sure [F4] key is not stuck

Duplicate Transaction (Accept or Cancel)

A transaction with the same card number and amount are already in the batch Select [Accept] to continue or select [Cancel] to stop the transaction
EMV Key Update Comm Error Press OK Displayed if the terminal does not receive a response within 6 seconds while performing a EMV Key load  Press OK
Failure on all Comm Modes Attempts to connect to host failed Check connections
Line Busy The terminal attempted to dial out, but the phone line was busy Check communications
LLT on blank screen Terminal has lost its core application Swap the device
Lost Communication with Host On a transaction, the connection was lost before all information was send and received Have merchant retry transaction. If it fails again, try to reset the terminal and network.
Max Number of Admins Exceeded Attempt was made to add more than 9 Admin users Delete any unused Admin users to make room for new
Merchant Setup Incomplete Unable to complete transaction because merchant setup info is missing. For example merchant name, TID or host info Complete merchant setup making sure all required parameter fields are setup
Must Settle Batch

With transaction in the batch, a function has been attempted that requires an empty batch. For example, an attempt is made to enable demo mode or change some parameters that affect the batch.


Attempt to settle batch failed, so functions for further transactions are not allowed, other than tip adjustments and voids, until the batch is settled


Attempt to do a download was initiated

Close or Delete the batch
 No Match Orig. Transaction During a debit void transaction, the swiped card does not match the PAN stored for the recond being voided Swipe the correct debit card that is to be voided

Out of Balance (RB Out of Balance)

NOTE: Print out a detailed report on the terminal and assist the merchant with determining the discrepancy on the report/terminal versus what Elavon has on their records.

Transactions in terminal do not match Elavon's system

Print a detailed report

  • Press [#]
  • Input password (see Merchant Manual) press [Enter]
  • Press [0] Reports
  • Press [1] Detail
  • Press [1] Print

Get the batch totals. Call MSP support and ask them to host settle the batch and send you a copy of the settlement report. Then call the merchant back and perform the following:

  • Press [#]
  • Press [2] Batch Menu
  • Press [4] Delete Batch
Out of Range-IWL220B only Terminal is not recognizing the base assingment
  • Press [F] key
  • Input password (see Merchant Manual) press [Enter]
  • Press [0] Telium Manager
  • Press [3] Initialization
  • Press [2] Hardware 
  • Select option for Cradle Setup
  • Press [1] Association
  • Press [1] New Base
  • At base update, press [Enter]
  • Then [Cancel] until idle display

NOTE: If error occurs after base has been associated, flip the base over and look for the Ingenic sticker. It will have rows of bard codes on it. the IWL220 base should have 4 rows of bar codes. If the base has 3 rows of bar code it is an IWL250 base and will not work for this device.

 Password Locked Out Press Enter More than 4 attempts were made for enter a Admin Password with an incorrect password The terminal will unlock after a few mins and they can try again
 Service Not Allowed Shown if the card type is not set up correctly with Elavon Confrim the card type is set up with Elavon. Call Elavon and make sure they set it up, once complete wait for 15 mins for the changes to be activated.

 SIM Code Lock

NOTE: Only occurs on IWL250

 SIM card is de-activated Swap the device
System Error Shown on external PIN pad if a key exchnage is needed at the start of a debit transaction Perform a key exchange before starting a debit transaction
System Problem Call Help Desk Shown on terminal if parameter download is not done after device is loaded with software for the first time

Perform a download.

NOTE: If terminal is frozen, power down for up to 3 mins and then power back ip. Perform download.

Transaction Failed If connection to host failed, line was busy or no host response was recieved, the message will display Confirm communication settings
TSA System Application Displays when the core application has been deleted or is not pressent Perform a download via F menu
Unassigned A key was pressed at the Idle prompt that does not have a short cut to an action assigned to it Verify the correct key to press for the short cut
Warning:For Change To Take Effect Terminal Will Reboot

Whenever a PIN pad configuration is changed, app will display this message and reboot


If a change is made to an IP setup, this message displays when exiting the Ethernet Setup Menu

iWL250 Put on base error

Terminal needs to be reassigned to base

1) Press [#]

2) Press [3] for Setup Menu

3) Press [2] for Communications

4) Press [4] for wireless

5) Press [6] for association

5) Press [4] for Remove All Bases

6) Put the terminal on the base and press [1] for New Base Should show message "Base association ok"