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Processing a sale on the virtual terminal

To process a sale, pre-authorization, capture or refund on the virtual terminal, please follow the steps below. To change the default transaction type, click here for instructions.


1) Select the Virtual Terminal tab 



2) Fill out the required information

a. Select the Terminal (if you have more than one merchant account, you will see all your accounts in the drop down) and Transaction Type (sale, pre-auth, capture, or refund) in the drop down menu

b. Enter the amount. If this is a transaction for an existing order, simply go to step e., this will enable the system to auto-fill the information for you

c. Enter customer's credit card information. Keep in mind that if this is a transaction for a customer who is already in your system you can simply go to step e. or f. CVV is a mandatory requirement.

d. Enter customer's address. This is not a mandatory step however, it is an important tool for preventing fraudulent transactions (the data is used for the AVS and Helcim Fraud Preventer functions).

e. You can search your customer database if this is a transaction for an existing customer. Type the customer's name and the system will auto-search for matches. Once the customer is selected, their credit card information and address will auto-fill. You can also create a new customer by toggling over to Create a New Customer

f. You can enter the order number here if this transaction is for an existing order. All the information within the order that is required to process the transaction will auto-fill. You can create a new order by toggling over to Create a New Order. If creating a new order, the default order type is set to INVOICE, however, you can change this by following these instructions. Please note that if you would like line items, tax calculations, shipping, etc., it is best if you go through the Orders tab to have all these details available. 



3) Click Process Transaction on the top right corner

4) Once your transaction is processed the transaction details and receipt will be displayed.

a. transaction results appear here, you will see either APPROVED or DECLINED

If you get a decline response, you can try the card one more time. If it declines again, you should ask for another form of payment. If you get the response "PICK UP CARD" - click here

b. to analyze the level of risk for the transaction using the Helcim Fraud Defender click on Analyze Risk - for more information on Helcim Fraud Defender, please click here.

***PLEASE NOTE: the analysis is an estimation of risk based on transaction factors listed in the analysis details. There are no guarantees made on the transaction or chargeback outcome.

c. You may also Void the transaction from this page (if you've made a mistake), email a copy of the receipt, save the receipt as a PDF, or print the receipt.

***PLEASE NOTE: if you have processed a transaction for an existing customer with their email address on file, the customer will automatically get an email receipt. You can disable automatic receipts, to view more on automatic email settings click here.