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Overview of My Account

My Account is a portal that allows you to access all your merchant account information in one place.

To log in to My Account, click here to open the login page. If you are having trouble logging in, click here.

Here are a few of the features available to you with My Account

If you are brand new to Helcim and do not yet have a merchant account, please click here to see My Account features and instructions.

new dashboard

Above is an image of the first page you see when you log into My Account. This is the dashboard from which you can access all of the features of the system. Let's look at the different sections:

(1) Here you will see the latest announcements, news, and updates posted by Helcim

(2) Dashboard allows you to come back to the dashboard page and see the shortcuts to the most frequently used features

(3) Merchant Accounts allows you to see all your merchant accounts details and application status

(4) Helcim Commerce shows you each of your Commerce accounts

(5) Users allows you to create new users to access My Account and modify existing users 

(6) Help & Support allows you to create support tickets, view your previous tickets and locate Helcim's contact information

(7) Here you have a list of shortcuts to most popular features of Helcim Commerce

(8) Here you will see any active tickets that you have created or the Helcim Support Team has updated

(9) Active Tasks shows any active tasks that you have created for yourself or your staff

(10) My Helcim Account  is a shortcut for you to quickly access your My Helcim Account settings

(11) Security Settings  is a shortcut for you to quickly access your Security settings

(12) Service Status is a shortcut to check the status of the various networks that are part of your Merchant Account

(13) Merchant Accounts is a shortcut for you to quickly access your Merchant Account settings

(14) Users is a shortcut for you to quickly access your settings for all of the Users associated with your Merchant Account

(15) Help & Tech Support is a shortcut for you to quickly access Help & Tech Support