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Your Merchant Account

Click on the Merchant Accounts tab on the left side of the screen. Here you can view pertinent details for all of the merchant accounts you have with Helcim, including your batches and transcations, monthly statements and PCI Compliance status.

On the main page, you will see the status of any ongoing applications and a list of your accounts with Helcim. Clicking the business name/MID will show you what you can review/update in the portal. The left sidebar also allows you to navigate between your accounts and the information for them. See below for more info on what you can do in this section of the portal.

your merchant account 1

(1) Under Transactions & Batches, you are able to search by dates for a specific batch (settlement) and the transactions in it. If you want to view your monthly statements, which contain your processing volumes, batch totals, and fees, please see section 7 below.

transactions and batches 1

(2) Under Bank Accounts, you may see the last 4 digits of the bank account number your deposits go into as well as request a bank account change.

bank accounts 1

(3) By clicking on the Software button you may find the login button to the Virtual Terminal portal as well as your Account ID.

your merchant account 4

(4) Your retail terminals and all other equipment can be located under Equipment. You may also order new equipment through that page. 

your merchant account 5

(5) Under PCI Compliance, you can see if you are compliant, your last compliance date as well as the PCI walk-through guides. The PCI portal login button can also be found there.

your merchant account 6

(6) Your business contacts and addresses such as business, shipping and mailing can be found under Contacts & Addresses button. You can change the addresses by clicking on Request Address Change.

your merchant account 7

(7) You can find all your merchant account monthly statements by clicking on the Monthly Statements. Accounts are billed in arrears - monthly statements are typically available on the 1st of the month for the previous month's fees.


(8) Under Chargebacks, you can find chargeback and retrieval information for the past 90 days for each merchant account you have. 

chargebacks 1

(9) Under Settings you can give your merchant account a nickname, this is useful in case if you have more than one account and you do not want to distinguish your accounts using their account numbers. 

my account 10

You can now see the nickname on the sidebar instead of the merchant ID number.

your merchant account 11

(10) This section shows the same buttons as the ones shown by numbers (1) through (8).