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New User

This page enables you to create a new user login for My Account and Commerce. Only Primary Users can create new users - if you want to determine the class of a user, click here.

Start by logging in to your My Account portal, and going to the Users portion of the dashboard menu to the left of the screen.

new user 1

(1) Enter the email address and name of the user 

(2) Select their title in the drop down

(3) Indicate what information the user can access


Click Save at the top to create the user. An email will be sent out to the new user with login credentials to access the their new My Account profile.


Setting User Account and Commerce Permissions

Once you've added a user, you can modify their My Account and Commerce permissions.


1) Changes in the Merchant Account Access section affect a user's overall ability to administer/review the account. 


new user 2

a. Title - select the title of the user using the drop down menu. You will have options such as authorized signer, director, partner, manager, staff, accountant etc.)

b. View - if checked, the user is allowed to view the merchant account information.

c. Transactions - if checked, the user is allowed to view transaction history.

d. Statements - if checked, the user is allowed to view monthly statements for the account.

e. Modify - if checked, a user is allowed to make change requests (equipment, bank account, support tickets, etc...)


2) You can modify a user's Commerce access by clicking on the Modify Access button in the Helcim Commerce section. 


new user 3


3) Select the user's access for transactions, terminals and general access in Helcim Commerce.


new user 4

a. Transaction Access -  select if the user is allowed to complete transactions, and then which type of transactions this user is allowed to process.

- Process: gives the ability to the user to process sale/purchase transactions

- View: allows the user to view all past transactions

- Void: gives the user the ability to void a transaction

- Refund: gives the user the ability to issue refunds

- Settle: allows the user to manually settle batches for deposits.

- Access Self-Transactions Only: the user can only view their own past transactions.

b. Terminal - select which terminals the user can access. This is useful when you have more than one store/business/location that uses Helcim Commerce - each store can have their own terminal that only their staff can use.

c. General Access - select which features of Helcim Commerce this user can View (review entries only), Modify (make changes to entries/data) and Delete (delete entries/data). 

d. Revoke Access - by clicking this button you can completely revoke access for a user


4) Click Save at the top to implement the changes.