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Help and Support

On this page, you can find all the information you need to receive help or support for your merchant account.

Help and Support 1

      (1) By clicking on Troubleshooting Guides you can access Helcim's troubleshooting guides that can help to resolve issues that you may be having.

      (2) By clicking on Helcim Knowledge Base  you can access Helcim's documentation, support and How-To articles that can answer many of your questions.

(3) If you would like view or open a support ticket for Helcim's support team click on Support Tickets.

(4) Under Contact US you can find Helcim's contact information.

(5) To access all the information you need for your PCI compliance click on PCI Guides & Tutorials.

(6) Ideas & Feedback allows you to send in an idea or provide feedback to Helcim. This enables us to continue improving for you.