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Let's Get Started!

1) To open Helcim Commerce, you first need to log in to My Account, click here to open the login page. To learn more about My Account please click here. If you are having trouble logging in, click here.


Welcome Page


2) Click on My Helcim Account in the top right corner.

3) Select the Helcim Commerce account you would like to use. If you have more than one Commerce account click on the left and right arrows to switch to the correct account and click on the account name (highligted in white)

 Getting Started 2

You can also go directly to specific links in your Commerce account by clicking on the correct button.

A) Go directly to the Payments section in Commerce.
B) Go directly to the Invoicing section in Commerce.
C) Go directly to the Customers section in Commerce.
D) Go directly to the POS section in Commerce.
E) Go directly to the Products section in Commerce.
F) Go directly to the Ecommerce section in Commerce.


4) You will be taken to the home page/dashboard of Helcim Commerce. Clicking the icons in the middle of the screen and using the menu to the left will provide access to all of the features available to you in your Commerce account. Welcome!

 Getting Started 3



5) Next, let's take care of some basic settings so that your account will operate to your liking. The menu on the left hand side of your screen will allow you to move through the various Support articles - click on "General Settings" in the menu on the left of your screen.


NOTE: If you have an account with more than one User, you will need to set the Commerce account permissions - for instructions on adding users and setting permissions, please click here.