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Setting up automatic emails

Helcim Commerce contains multiple email notifications for transactions, orders, customers, recurring subscriptions, and inventory. You can change the settings and modify the appearance of receipts and orders. To view instruction on how to change the appearance for receipts and orders click here. By default, automated emails are turned on, if you would like to modify the settings of these emails follow the steps below. 

1) Select the Settings tab on the top right hand corner.
2) Click on Email Settings. 


3) Select the notification you would like to modify. We will select the "Transaction Approved" email as an example. 


 4) You can make the following changes to the automated email:

a. turn all email notifications ON or OFF
b. turn the email notifications ON or OFF for customer and change the FROM email as it will appear for the recipient*
turn the email notification ON or OFF for yourself (merchant) and change the FROM email as it will appear for the recipient*
d. change the email where you would like to receive the transaction notification
e. to automatically attach a PDF copy to the email select ON. This option is available only for Transaction Approved, Batch Settlement and New Order emails.   
f. edit the email subject line
g. edit the body of the email. 
h. these are the fields you can use to enable the system to auto-fill information for the text of the email. You can use any/all of they auto-fill fields by copying the command into the body of the email. 

*NOTE: if you change the "Email address FROM" field from the default donotreply@helcim.com to an address of your own and the emails end up in your customers' spam folders, please click here.


5) Click Save in the right corner to save your changes.