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Processing a refund

There are two ways of processing a refund. The first way is to go to the virtual terminal and fill out the the required fields to process a refund transaction (click here to view the instructions). The second option is to search the specific transaction for which a refund is being processed as shown below. 


1) Search the transaction that needs to be refunded by selecting the Payments tab.



2) You can now search for the transaction using the search tools:

a. in the search bar you can enter the amount of the transaction, last 4 digits of the credit card number or cardholder's name. You may also leave the search bar blank

b. you can also find a transaction by dates when the transaction was processed by selecting the dates on the calendar

***PLEASE NOTE: If the transaction was processed today and the batch has not been submitted for deposit (settled), you can VOID the transaction by finding it below. Voiding a transaction will cancel it, without ever appearing on the customer's credit card statement.




3) Once you have clicked Search a list of transactions will appear. Select the transaction you want to refund.



4) The transaction details will appear. Click on the Refund button in the top right corner.



5) The system will fill out all the required cardholder information. Enter the amount you would like to refund and click on Process Transaction.



6) Once the refund has been approved a confirmation and receipt will appear.