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Capturing an approval code

Once you have completed a pre-authorization, you need to capture the funds using an approval code. This function will complete the pre-auth/capture action and charge the funds to the customer. Follow the steps below to capture the approval code.


1) First, you need to find the original pre-authorization transaction. To see instructions on how to search transactions please click here

PLEASE NOTE***If you have the approval code already in front of you, you can simply go to the virtual terminal and process a capture by selecting Capture in the drop down, click here for instructions.  


2) Once you have found the pre-authorization transaction, select it.

a. you should see PREAUTH under Type of transaction




3) The transaction details will show. Here you will have two options 

a. Capture Full Amount - by selecting this option you will capture the amount you have pre-authorized for. 

b. Capture Different Amount - by selecting this option you will capture any amount up to the amount pre-authorized. Remember that you can not capture an amount that is more than your original pre-auth transaction. 




4) If you have selected to capture the full amount, a confirmation of capture will show (see step 5). However, if you have selected to capture a different amount, the system will auto fill all required fields and you can change the amount you would like to capture before hitting Process Transaction



5) A confirmation page will show with the transaction approval