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View batches

If you would like to view all your batches, settled and current, or search for a specific batch, please see the steps below.


1) Click on the Payments tab and select Batches



2) A list of most recent batches will show. 

a. search for specific batches by dates, or if you have more than one virtual terminal merchant account you can select different terminals using the drop down menu

b. this section outlines batch details, such as amounts, the number of transactions, date opened and settled

c. the list of batches is located here, you may click on a batch to view all the transactions within the batch

d. when a batch is blank in the Host Message column, this signifies that the batch is not settled and is currently open



3) By clicking on a batch you can view all the transactions and the status of the batch (see red arrow).

a. Settle - you can manually settle the batch by clicking the Settle button

b. Print - if you want to print or save the batch in a PDF format, click the Print button

c. Email - to email a batch report, click on email. Enter the email address where you would like the report sent.

d. Here you will find the list of all transactions

e. You can view the batch report by card types by selecting the tabs available