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Exporting transactions

Helcim Commerce enables you to export your transactions to .CSV file, QuickBooks Online and/or QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the instructions below to view how to complete the export.


1) Select the Transactions tab and click on Import/Export.



2) Select the Start and End dates for the transactions you would like to export and click Submit.



3) The three exporting options will show. 



a. Export to .CSV File - this option will export your transactions and their details  (this file can be read and opened by Excel). Below is an example of the information and format of an export to a .CSV file.


csv example


b. Export to QuickBooks Online - this option will take you to the Login page of QuickBooks Online

c. Export to QuickBooks Desktop - this option will download the file onto your computer and ask to open using your QuickBooks Desktop software. 

 ***PLEASE NOTE: Exporting to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online will create new Transactions/Payments within Quickbooks.