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Customizing batch settings

If you would like to change the batch settlement time or disable the auto-settle function, please see instructions below.


1) Select the Payments tab and click on Terminals.


A) Default - Shows the Defualt terminal selected

B) Status - Whether or not the current terminal is active

C) Terminal Name - Nickname given to a specific terminal

D) Currency - The currency the terminal is set for

E) MCP - 

F) Auto Settle - On/Off when the batches will settle automatically or not

G) Settlement Times - What time the terminal will settle at

H) Host Network - The network the terminal is attached to

I) Test Mode - Whether or not the terminal is in test mode

J) Set as Default - Click to set the terminal to the defualt one transactions will be processed on.

Here the terminal Information can be updated as well as the auto settle time.